Off Grid Turbines

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Off-Grid Reliability

The BWC Excel-R is a modern 7 meter (23 ft) diameter, 7.5 kW wind turbine designed for high reliability, low maintenance, and automatic operation in adverse weather conditions.

Recomended for:

Remote villages and facilities.

With battery outputs of 24, 48, 120 or 240 VDC, the BWC Excel-R is a perfect turbine for remote villages or facilities.

Eco-tourism resorts.

The off-grid opportunities for the BWC Excel-R are nearly endless. This turbine is a popular choice for eco-torism destinations, where reliable green power is a must.

Larger telecommunication sites.

The BWC Excel-R is widely used to power larger telecommunication sites in remote areas of the planet.


1 KW Excel


Designed for high reliability

With a rotor diameter of 2.5 meters (8.2 ft) and a peak output spiking over 2,000 watts the Excel 1 is a perfect system upgrade for current owners of solar-only off-grid systems along with light telecom and other high reliability off grid applications. Following the same simple design as the larger Excel turbines, the Excel 1 has been a favorite tool for experienced renewable energy practitioners for over a decade. The recently updated version incorporates the acclaimed American made MidNite Solar Classic 250 multi-voltage charge controller. This allows the unit to charge 12V-48V nominal battery banks. A higher voltage stator reduces the required conductor sizing for wire runs making installation more affordable, and a newly incorporated disconnect box makes inspections as simple as a flick of a switch. Marine grade corrosion protection has also been added as a standard feature. BWC offers tilt-up tower solutions in heights ranging from 60 100. See the customer supplied tower requirements here for proprietary solutions here. Add capacity and reliability to your off-grid system with this powerful yet simple solution.

Recomended for:

Off-Grid Homes

Light Telecom

Village Power

Educational Systems

Cool People


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