On Line Tower Questionnaire

Direct-to-Factory Feedback Form

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Customer Contact Name

Tower Site Name

Tower Site Location

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Customer City

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Sandown Wireless assumes normal site & access for our delivery & construction trucks.

This Tower is for: Material Only Material and Installation by Sandown Wireless / Radian/ROHN

Type of Tower: Guyed Bracketed Self Supporting Roof Mounted

If Self Supporting: Triangular Pole

Total Tower Height

Base of the Tower will be at: Ground Level Roof at feet above grade.

E.I.A. Operational Requirements: Yes No Other, Explain:


#1 Step Bolts or Ladders: None Yes, Required

Location Of Step Bolts or Ladder:

Inside                    Face                    Standard

Outside                  Corner                Heavy

Step Bolts              Leg                     Other

Safety Device, Anti-Fall System: ROHN-LOC System Other, Explain:


#2 Obstruction Marking and Lighting: None

Aircraft Warning Lights: Yes No By Others, Explain:

If Yes: FAA - or - ICAO

Type: Incandescent Strobe L.E.D. By Others, Explain:

Beacon Plate Required: FAA Strobe Manufacturer

Paint: Factory Applied Sufficient Paint for Field Application


#3 Vertical Waveguide Support:

None             Ladder         Brackets

Conduit         Brackets       Other

Location of Vertical Waveguide Support (If Preference):

Waveguide Bridge: Please provide a sketch and explanation:


#4 Platforms: Not Required Required (Provide elevation and description)


#5 Lightning Protection None

Lightning Rod Required: Yes No      If Yes, quantity:

E.I.A. Grounding: Yes No Special, Explain:


#6 Antenna Information:

VHF/UHF mounts must state type of mount and the length of the side arm, if applicable. Send us a separate sheet if necessary. This information is absolutely necessary for us to be able to quote your tower. We must know your total antenna and feed line load!

If this is a cellular carrier tower, how many carriers is the structure going to support?

For each antenna on the tower (supply a separate sheet):



Consistency of soil:

A. Unconfined compression strength of cohesive soil (clay)

B. Standard penetration - Blows per Foot

C. Rock quality designation for rock


#8 Additional Information, Comments or Special Requirements:

If you have separate data to send with this form attach it to an E-mail and send it separate with this form.