Television Mast Mounted

High Gain & Low Noise



Supplied with required pigtail Coax Cable and power supply/power injector

Typical Installation



Designed for extremely weak signal areas. The AP-8275 is recommended for use when TV transmitters are at least 60 miles away.

super low noise for improved picture quality

GAIN 28db

NOISE less than 3db


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The TV signal from your TV antenna becomes weaker as it travels through the coax cable to your TV.The farther it must travel the weaker it becomes. Signal splitters also weaken the signal. The more times the signal is divided the weaker it becomes. The splitter itself creates the signal loss, it doesn't matter if the TV's are on or off or even if all of the connections on the splitter are used the loss still occurs, it's called insertion loss. The line loss that occurs getting the signal from the TV antenna to the TV or TV's can be overcome by installing a preamplifier near the TV antenna amplifying the signal before the signal loss occurs.

The degree a signal amplifier increases the signal strength is measured in decibels (dB). The higher the amplifiers dB rating is the greater the strength of the signal is increased. "Wait a minute, I know what your thinking "I'll just get the biggest high output amplifier I can get and that will solve all my problems. I have one word for you, OVERLOAD. When too much signal is present overload can and does happen. Signal overload can occur in the amplifier, the TV tuner or both. Use the guidelines below, to select the proper amplifier for your system.

Selecting the correct TV antenna amplifier is a simple mathematical process.

Add-up the total amount of signal decibel loss that will occur as the signal travels from the TV antenna to the TV with the longest cable run. Add the signal loss from the cable length and any splitters between the antenna and the TV. Choose the amplifier with the dB gain rating that is from 5 to 10dB greater then the total loss. EXAMPLE: 100 feet of coax cable and a 2 way splitter have a signal dB loss of 8.7 dB. Also VCR's and other such devices that the signal travels through create minor signal losses. A perfect amplifier match for the above example would be the Winegard AP 8275. The 8275 amplifier has a gain rating of 28dB.

  • 2 way splitter 3.7 db
  • 3 way splitter 7.5 db
  • 4 way splitter 7.5 db
  • 6 way splitter 13 db
  • 8 way splitter 13.5 db


Note: In Southern NH we are using these high gain amplifiers. Your location may be different and a lower gain unit may work for you. Typically the output of the mast mounted antenna is sent to a power splitter for distribution to the televisions in your home. Some splitters have a distribution amplifier built in to reduce loss and some do not. You may need to juggle your distribution equipment in order to get the proper amount of signal to your TV's. My packages are designed for rural areas where the transmitters might be more then 50 miles away. If you need something custom, just ask for a quote.

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