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All control connections are galvanically isolated.


Protection circuits as IEC


Complies with generic EMI (EN 50082-2 part 2) and EMC (EN 50081-2 part 2) RF immunity and emission standards

Power Consumption

5W Continuous average

Power Requirements

110V-240V AC 50-60 Hz

Cable Entries (3/4" NPT)

Six entries. EMC glands provided as necessary

External Connection

Pinch screw wire connection terminals

Supervisor Functions

Flash character synchronization, up to 99 lights per single control unit. Control of light intensity according to ambient light conditions.

Information Functions

LCD backlit display screen. Membrane foil keyboard ''FAIL'' events log with historical data display. ''CONFIGURE'' screen allows adjustment of : photocell mode (i.e. auto / day / twilight / night). Real-time clock. LCD screen back light intensity.


LCD display screen to show all ''FAIL'' events. LED-red on ''FAIL'' event. Reset/acknowledge ''FAIL'' conditions


Alarms 0-240VAC/DC, 2A max non inductive relay (dry) contacts for "FAIL'' of any system light (due to. missed flash, wrong color, wrong intensity) photocell status, marker light failure alarm, power failure, general system alarm warning


19" Rack Mount

The use of non-OEM parts or modifications to original equipment design will void the manufacturer warranty and could invalidate the assurance of complying with FAA requirements as published in Advisory Circular 150/5345-43.