Note: SCL's have been replaced by the new ROHN RSL series

Self Supporting Towers

Designed for Amateur Radio


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Previous RSL Sheets for Reference

Catalog "Cut Sheet"

Tower Design Antenna Loading Sheet

Materials List - Tower Kits

Foundation Designs

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New Design RSL Tower for 2022

Start Here with your copy of our Understanding TIA-222-Revision G Flier

2022 Data Sheet

Quotation Request Sheet


Order Form For ROHN Towers & Accessories


Above Documents in Adobe.pdf Format

Engineer Stamped Drawings are available for these towers at added cost.

Sample Drawings (Not Stamped)

Tubular Bracing     Angle Iron Bracing

“Prices reflected in 2022 quotations are based on current steel cost and may or may not be appropriate at time of order placement. Based on current market volatility please confirm pricing at time of ordering.”   


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