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ROHN Products LLC Offer The Following Services

Program Management
      Scope of Work Definitions

      Product Specifications
      Purchasing and Logistics
      Test and Acceptance Plans
      Project Team Assembly
      Implementation Schedules
      Project Coordination
      Turnkey Services

   Tower and Pole Services
      Engineering, Design and Analysis
      Inspection and Maintenance
      Emergency Restoration Services
      Co-locate Maximization
      Site Ownership
      Regulatory Compliance

   Aerial Services
      Supply, Installation and Test Antennas
         and Transmission Lines
      Antenna Orientation
      Antenna and Line Inspection
      Antenna and Line Verification
      Rooftop Installation
      Tenant Improvements
      Co-locate Installation

   Wireless Technical Services
      Testing and Commissioning
      System Operation and Maintenance
      Site Surveys/GPS and Map studies

   Wireless Professional Services
      Network Concept
      Network Configuration
      Network Planning
      System Engineering
      Wireless/Radio Network Engineering
      RF Engineering
      Microwave Transmission
      Site Qualification and Acquisition
      Equipment Engineering
      Coverage Optimization Surveys
      Propagation Analysis
      Regulatory Compliance

   Broadcast Services
      Broadcast Services
      System Engineering
      Equipment Supply
      VSWR optimization
      Antenna Troubleshooting
      Antenna Repair
      Inspection and Maintenance
      Emergency Restoration
      Turnkey Solutions

   Product Catalog
      Towers and Poles
      Tower Accessories
      Antenna Mounts and Kits
      Fasteners and Hardware
      Transmission Lines and Accessories
      ROHN Products and Accessories

Sandown Wireless is an agent for Radian/ROHN Construction Division.

No Project is too small and no Project is too big!

If you have a Communications Project, We want to hear about it.

We offer "Turn Key" Site Construction or your design & steel.


For Commercial Site Construction

We Offer at No Charge:

We also offer:

“Prices reflected in 2021 quotations are based on current steel cost and may or may not be appropriate at time of order placement. Based on current market volatility please confirm pricing at time of ordering.”   


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