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These Notes Are Adopted By Sandown Wireless, NH USA



Installing and rigging towers, masts, and antennas require specialized skills and experience. Information supplied by SANDOWN WIRELESS assumes that all products will be installed by personnel having these skills and having installed similar products before. No one should attempt to install towers or masts without these skills and experience.

SANDOWN WIRELESS assumes no liability if faulty or dangerous installation practices are used. There are available trained and experienced personnel to assist in installation, maintenance, and disassembly Contact your local installer if consultation or assistance is required.

SANDOWN WIRELESS does not recommend or warrant in any way the use of used tower sections. The use of used tower sections voids all warranties set forth by OUR MANUFACTURERS because no one knows if the used material has been misused, overloaded, or damaged. If, for some reason, tower sections are re-used, all new, galvanized, high strength bolt assemblies are recommended. ·

SANDOWN WIRELESS recommends anti-climb sections on all towers to prevent unauthorized persons from climbing towers.

All antenna installations must be grounded per local or national codes.

Do not install towers or masts near power lines. All towers or masts should be installed out of falling distance of power lines since every electrical and telephone wire should be considered dangerous.

All types of antenna installations should be thoroughly inspected by qualified personnel and remarked with hazard and warning labels at least twice a year to insure safety and proper performance.

SANDOWN WIRELESS makes available many items and types of towers which may or may not be required for your particular installation. Based on local, state, Or federal laws and building codes for your area, it may be necessary that your particular tower have special items or be given special consideration.

SANDOWN WIRELESS makes available, either as standard or specials, many items and special care should be taken as to whether any or all of these items are required for your tower. Please be specific and advise us of your exact needs. SANDOWN WIRELESS cannot be responsible for any omission at anytime.

Some items available in various types and sizes are safety climbing devices, ladders, safety cages, anti-climbing devices, work platforms, rest platforms, F.A.A. painting or lighting, grounding, and fencing. Special engineering service and special packaging are also available. If there are any special requirements for your tower, be sure to include them in your request for quotation and on your order.

Due to the present day Occupational Safety and Health Act regulations, towers and parts are available incorporating features which will permit a safe product. However, the following is our position with regard to OSHA.

It is SANDOWN WIRELESS'S intention to comply with the Williams-Steiger Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. It is a policy of SANDOWN WIRELESS to supply towers and related equipment that are safe to use without hazards to people and/or property. We cannot, however, agree to a "blanket" certification that we are in total compliance with this Act because there are provisions in it whose meaning and application are unclear.

Therefore, we ask that you list your specific requirements with which you wish us to comply. These requirements may or may not affect the price of the towers and equipment under consideration for purchase.

We appreciate the opportunity afforded and would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have relative to our proposal.

Your tower may or may not include step bolts for construction purposes. Step bolts are supplied on self-supporting towers as a convenience during construction.

If your tower has step bolts, the spacing at the section joints may not be consistent with the spacing throughout the tower. If this condition presents any hazard, please do not use these step bolts. If you or your customer thinks this possible unequal spacing will present safety problems to any personnel, do not install any step bolts. For proper safety SANDOWN WIRELESS recommends a ladder and safety-climbing device on large towers where inexperienced personnel climb the tower.

SANDOWN WIRELESS will not be responsible for the use of step bolts. If you wish to use step bolts as supplied, this responsibility will be totally yours or your customers.

“Prices reflected in 2018 quotations are based on current steel cost and may or may not be appropriate at time of order placement. Based on current market volatility please confirm pricing at time of ordering.”   


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