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Catalog Data Sheets




For Reference Only. 20G No Longer Available, use the 25G Series

ROHN 20G Data Sheet Obsolete

ROHN 20G Guyed Tower Obsolete



ROHN 25G Guyed Tower



ROHN 45G Guyed Tower


45GSR (Solid Rod)

ROHN 45GSR Tower



55G Guyed Towers

NEW - Fold Over 55GT Self Supporting  Drawings & Data



ROHN 65G Guyed Tower

65G & VG Camera Towers


Bracketed (Wall Mount) GT Towers 25,45,55

ROHN Bracketed Tower Kits


80-90 Series Guyed Towers

80-90 Series Guyed Tower Brochure

2012 Data Sheets, 80-90 Series Guyed


Self Supporting GT Towers

ROHN Self Supporting GT Towers


SSV Self Supporting Tower

SSV - Standard

SSV - Heavy Duty

2012 Data Sheets, SSV Self Supporting

SSVSR Solid Rod Self Supporting Towers

ROHN SSVSR Solid Rod Self Supporting Towers


SSMW Self Supporting Towers

ROHN SSMW Self Supporting Towers

Typical Assembly ROHN SSMW Sheet


RT Standard Series Towers, New for 2019

Catalog Sheets


Direct Embed Poles

ROHN Direct Embed Poles


RSL Self Supporting Towers

Old Data Sheet for Reference

ROHN RSL Self Supporting Towers

Sample Engineering Drawing, Tube Braced RSL

Sample Engineering Drawing, Angle Iron Braced RSL


Security Camera Towers

ROHN Camera Towers


Meteorological Towers

Recommend any 45GSR T0wer


Telescoping Masts

ROHN Telescoping Masts Brochure


Utility Structures

ROHN Utility Structures


Wall Mounts

ROHN Wall Mounts Brochure


Roof Mounts

ROHN Roof Mounts


Ballast Roof Mounts

ROHN Ballast Roof Mounts Brochure

2014/2015 Ballast Roof Mount Sheets:


Tower and Site Accessories



Tower Lighting Guidelines



Tower Modification Material



Utility, Transportation & Wind Turbine Structures Call for Availibllity



Grounding Kits and Anchor Rods

ROHN Grounding and Anchor Rods



ROHN Hardware


Tower Paint

ROHN Tower Paint


Anti Fall Safety Kits

ROHN Anti-Fall Safety Kits


Tower and Site Accessories


Climbing Ladder    Waveguide Ladder    Waveguide Brackets

Side Arms Dish Mounts   Safety Harness  Waveguide Bridge




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The Current Price sheet should say January 2017. If someone bids using old sheets, that could be bad....

25G Sheet

45G Sheet

45GSR (Solid Rod) (Includes Self Supporting)

55G Sheet (Includes Fold Over Kits)

65G Sheet

RSL Tower Sheet

SSV Self Supporting Sheet

RT Standard Series Towers

Meteorological Towers MMET (60, 80, 100 Meter)

Telescoping Mast Sheet

Direct Embed Pole Sheet

Tower Mounts Sheet

Roof Mounts and Wall Mounts Sheet

Guying Hardware Sheet

Grounding Material Sheet

Waveguide Ladder/Braces/Bridges Sheet

Climbing and Safety Equipment Sheet




Catalogs Previous to 2018 for Reference

ROHN      Radian      RAM Safety Accessories

Note: These are rather large files but worth it if you have a high speed connection!

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