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What Hardware For What Application?


Light Duty, Temp situations:

Look at the Push Up Poles. Light Duty, Low Cost. Temp install kits are available.

Telescoping Masts to 50 Feet


Light to Medium Duty Towers:

Self Supporting, Light Duty:

ROHN Self Supporting GT Towers Page

BX Series Self Supporting Towers | HBX Towers | HDBX Towers | BX Towers | ROHN BX Tower

RSL Towers, Self Supporting to 100 feet, designed for wireless Internet


Heavy Duty Towers, Self Supporting:

Your local inspector tells you that your new tower must meet Revision "G" of the new code.

You need to supply State Stamped Engineering Drawings. Now you need to supply us with all the information on your proposed tower. We will run this information past ROHN engineering and determine what size steel will meet your requirements.

The more data you can supply us upfront, the more accurate our quotation will be.

RT Towers

SSV Standard Series

SSV Heavy Series


Sandown Wireless

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Design & Steel or Complete Factory Turn-Key Installation.

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